The age of Brand Automation is here.

Better marketing communications. Delivered in real-time.

BrandHive is an intuitive, cloud-based marketing platform that secures, empowers, drives productivity, efficiency and effectiveness. BrandHive allows your organisation to improve collaboration and relevance of marketing communications while at the same time reducing overall marketing costs.

One-stop functionality.

The control and functionality every corporate brand marketer needs, packed into one smart, simple-to-use, marketing management platform.


Your Corporate Identity

Share the correct brand do’s and don'ts with staff, branches and suppliers, effortlessly. No more time wasted on random e-mail requests to get the latest brand guidelines, fonts, colours and specifications.

Organise, store, update and share brand guidelines in seconds with both internal and external teams. The comprehensive Corporate Identity Management Module enables easy access to up-to-date brand identity information in a simple to understand format, allowing marketers to effectively scale brands on a national and global level.

All Your Digital Assets

Gone are the days of missing images and product information. Safely organise, store, find, use and share digital brand assets and have it available anywhere, always.

The Digital Brand Asset Management Module allows users to organise, store and share various types of brand content including imagery, product images and information, media and copy. With the correct brand assets available at the click of a button, your brand can optimise asset use and streamline the process of creating consistent communications.

Database technology supports intelligent META content identification, customisable taxonomy and advanced search functionality, as well as storage of a wide variety of file formats as listed below.

Imagery: JPEG, PNG, TIFF
Audio Media: AIFF, WAV, FLAC, MP2, MP3, AAC, AMR and WMA
Video Media: AVI, MOV, QT, MPG, MP4 and WMV
Copy: DOC, DOCX, PDF and TXT

Retailers would be delighted by the fact that it was developed with retail-specific image and product information requirements in mind. The products section of the asset management module allows for bulk product uploading, advanced search and product maintenance functionality.


Online Brand Store

The Online Brand Store Module facilitates and automates orders and order approvals of brand materials via your brand’s own online brand store.

Integration with BrandHive’s design module even allows for customisation, approval and ordering of personalised items like business cards on the go. No more e-mail orders piling up or chasing order approvals. Orders placed by one user are automatically sent for review and approval if and where required.

Link orders with existing suppliers or use one of our preferred suppliers for order fulfilment.

Creative Design Studio

With the Online Creative Design Studio, staff, branch managers and franchisees become true brand contributors.

Drag & drop, template-based, online design functionality empowers regional teams to create local marketing materials like advertisements, point of sale materials, business cards and sales collateral on-demand and in-line with brand and advertising guidelines.

Seamless integration with your digital brand asset library ensures that all imagery, products and even historical copy is accessible on demand. Customisable workflows make reviewing, commenting and approval of new material child’s play.

Management & Reporting

The Management Hive facilitates two functions.

One. Customisable workflows. These workflows facilitate seamless project management of the various actions in the background. Users get notified when they are required to comment, review or approve items.

Secondly, the reporting module allows selected users to access valuable system information that simplifies decision making and reporting. Management reports can be run and exported into Excel.

Quotes On Demand

Quote Hive enables selected users to request production quotes for printing, point of sale, signage, photography, custom orders and much more.

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